• October 23, 2018



E-Press 500 450 Eurotis
With the e-PRESS system, complete gas systems can be built in full compliance with current Italian regulations, increasing safety and reducing installation time.
Impianto gas sotto traccia ePRESS tubo csst corrugato acciaio aisi 316l formabile flessibile Eurotis

The CSST EUROGAS AISI 316 L pipe is now available also in the isolated version with “star sheath” in compliance with UNI 7129: 2015 for UNDERGROUND laying and / or for under-track installation.

Gas sotto traccia corrugato formabile csst

Not only the pipes but also the CSST pipe fittings can be installed under track.

Gas sotto traccia corrugato formabile csst
Interception valves

Now available in U-shaped and straight shut off valve.

Valvola intercettazione flessibile gas csst EUROTIS
e-press system
The e-PRESS system synthesizes the best traditions of reliability, flexibility and safety of Eurotis CSST corrugated tubes with the ease of installation of the press system, providing an innovative solution that is extremely practical and safe.The e-PRESS press fittings are made of brass, inside is a black EPDM gasket for water and solar plants or a yellow HNBR gasket for gas plants, complying with the UNI EN 682 standard.

The mechanical seal consists on two pressing points:

  • the 1° point deforms the entrance of the fitting where there is a “tooth” which, after pressing, blocks the tube inserting itself in the last corrugation, preventing it from slipping off.
  • the 2° pressing point deforms the gasket, allowing it to penetrate inside the corrugations of the CSST tube and guaranteeing a secure and long-lasting seal.

The pressing technique was entirely designed by Eurotis; this project led to the creation of a new jaw with “E” profile through which a controlled deformation of the fitting and of the gasket inside it is obtained, guaranteeing its tightness.

Moreover, thanks to the special “saddle”, the correct positioning of the fitting is guaranteed and the pressing is extremely simple and immediate, reducing the possibility of errors during installation.