• October 23, 2018

Kit Unipress

Kit Unipress

Kit Unipress 500 450 Eurotis

Connection kit over 2 meters?

The solution is served.

For the safe installation of gas systems, EUROTIS presents the innovative e-PRESS GAS system; in this system the pipe/fitting junction is made through the pressing process (press-fitting) of the brass fitting on the CSST tube, this action compresses an HNBR gasket that prevents the gas from escaping.

E-PRESS GAS is a system that complies with the requirements of the European standard EN 15266 “Corrugated stainless steel pipe systems for gas with operating pressure up to 0.5 bar” and certified by KIWA (KIP-096877/01).

To make it possible for installers and designers to build systems in safety, EUROTIS Srl has created a range of KIT called “UNIPRESS” particularly suitable for connections to fixed or built-in fixtures that exceed 2000 mm.

Contenuto del kit

The KIT is made with CSST tube AISI316L DN12 with yellow LDPE coating and patented fittings with rotating nut of the e-PRESS family.

The KIT is supplied ready to be installed without further processing; the e-PRESS fittings are already pressed on the CSST tube, ensuring maximum safety of the joint.

The pipe/fitting junction area is already covered with a heatshrink “protective tape” which guarantees full protection of the exposed pipe and the pipe/fitting junction.

In the package are also included the clamps for the CSST pipe. We recommend a distance between the clamps of 1.2 meters.


Csst stainless steel pipe certification for e-press system
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