• March 22, 2021

NEW – Solar-PRESS System

NEW – Solar-PRESS System

NEW – Solar-PRESS System 500 450 Eurotis

The first and only thermal solar stainless steel
PLT-CSST pliable corrugated tube with pre-mounted e-PRESS fittings.

Solar-PRESS System is composed by a roll of PLT-CSST double tube in AISI 304 stainless steel, with red roof color low thickness thermal insulation in expanded polyurethane and 2 fittings with swivel nut pressed to the tube.
2 blue and red coloured caps to protect the insulation and tube and 2 protective caps for the fittings are also included.

Solar-PRESS System, thanks to 2 fittings with swivel nut pressed on the tube, is ready for connection to the solar panel.
The tube end destined to tank connection is free, the installer can choose which is the best solution between Eurotis junction systems.

On the roof, where most difficulties are often encountered in preparing the connection (cutting of the sheath and tube to size, tube-fitting coupling), above all due to the uncomfortable working conditions, the pre-mounted fittings allow easy and fast installation. With Solar-PRESS System, the only thing you need to do is connect the fitting to the solar panel.

e-PRESS patented fittings guarantee the tightness of the tube-fitting joint thanks to two press points and the large size of the Eurotis gaskets. With Solar-PRESS System, maximum safety is ensured even in the most “stressed” part of the system: the solar panel connection.

Solar-PRESS System is available in coppo red double tube rolls of:

  • 10, 15, 25 meters;
  • DN15 e DN20;
  • with 3/4 “and 1” swivel fittings.

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