NEW – Compensation joints for water and gas systems 500 450 Eurotis

NEW – Compensation joints for water and gas systems

Formable corrugated steel joints AISI 304 and AISI 316L designed to compensate for any structural movements in gas and water systems

When talking about seismic safety, the danger posed by the failure of the structure must be considered, but the consequences and dangers caused by the damage to the systemsmust also be taken into account. The latter behave in a more fragile way than the structures in which they are located: at the end of earthquakes, essential services such as water or gas supply networks are often seriously compromised.

The reliability of the pipes is therefore of primary importance, minimising the possible critical issues within a system is the first rule of careful design, which must take into account both the resistance of the systems to the action of the earthquake, and the flexibility that the system networks must guarantee.

Eurotis pipes

Eurotis PLT-CSST stainless steel formable corrugated pipes are able to absorb oscillations or vibrations ensuring sealing. They represent a valid solution for designers and installers who, today more than ever, must design and build systems in accordance with seismic regulations.

Eurotis compensation joints

Eurotis offers a series of omega compensation joints in AISI 304 and AISI 316L stainless steel, from DN15 to DN50, ready for installation.

Development of custom joints

Eurotis also offers a service of designing customised joints according to different plant requirements. It is sufficient for the designer or installer to provide the following information:

  • Pipe sizing (DN);
  • Maximum movement on the 3 axes (normally 10/15 cm);
  • Indication of the shape (omega Ω or S);
  • The outlet thread.

The Eurotis technical office will then develop the proposal, developing a shared project with the customer, formulating an offer, until the required joints are provided quickly.

Seismically tested pipes

Eurotis PLT-CSST stainless steel formable pipes are seismically tested. Tests carried out by the specialised laboratory ISMES/BECOME A LAP of CESI SpA have demonstrated the reliability of Eurotis systems even in extreme situations such as an earthquake. The tests were also carried out taking into account the requirements of the European Euro-codes (in particular Euro-code 8 on earthquake resistance) and the “NTC 2008” standards drawn up by the Higher Council of Public Works, approved by Decree 14/01/2008 of the Ministry of Infrastructure and published in the Official Gazette no. 29 of 04/02/2008.

NEW – Ball valves and drain cocks 500 450 Eurotis

NEW – Ball valves and drain cocks

New range of Eurotis valves and ball cocks

Eurotis presentsthe new range dedicated to ball valves for use in the civil and industrial sphere, for gas, domestic water and other types of fluids.

The entry of this components new line strengthens Eurotis’ leadership in hydro-thermo sanitary market and broadens the solutions range for gas and water systems, responding more effectively to customer needs.

Eurotis valves are presented on the market in a unique guise both for the completeness of the range, from 1/4 “to 4”, and in the technical aspects, offering the installer the right solution for every thermal, sanitary and gas distribution system need.

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NEW – Solar-PRESS System 500 450 Eurotis

NEW – Solar-PRESS System

The first and only thermal solar stainless steel
PLT-CSST pliable corrugated tube with pre-mounted e-PRESS fittings.

Solar-PRESS System is composed by a roll of PLT-CSST double tube in AISI 304 stainless steel, with red roof color low thickness thermal insulation in expanded polyurethane and 2 fittings with swivel nut pressed to the tube.
2 blue and red coloured caps to protect the insulation and tube and 2 protective caps for the fittings are also included.

Solar-PRESS System, thanks to 2 fittings with swivel nut pressed on the tube, is ready for connection to the solar panel.
The tube end destined to tank connection is free, the installer can choose which is the best solution between Eurotis junction systems.

On the roof, where most difficulties are often encountered in preparing the connection (cutting of the sheath and tube to size, tube-fitting coupling), above all due to the uncomfortable working conditions, the pre-mounted fittings allow easy and fast installation. With Solar-PRESS System, the only thing you need to do is connect the fitting to the solar panel.

e-PRESS patented fittings guarantee the tightness of the tube-fitting joint thanks to two press points and the large size of the Eurotis gaskets. With Solar-PRESS System, maximum safety is ensured even in the most “stressed” part of the system: the solar panel connection.

Solar-PRESS System is available in coppo red double tube rolls of:

  • 10, 15, 25 meters;
  • DN15 e DN20;
  • with 3/4 “and 1” swivel fittings.

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E-Press 500 450 Eurotis


With the e-PRESS system, complete gas systems can be built in full compliance with current Italian regulations, increasing safety and reducing installation time.
Impianto gas sotto traccia ePRESS tubo csst corrugato acciaio aisi 316l formabile flessibile Eurotis

The CSST EUROGAS AISI 316 L pipe is now available also in the isolated version with “star sheath” in compliance with UNI 7129: 2015 for UNDERGROUND laying and / or for under-track installation.

Gas sotto traccia corrugato formabile csst

Not only the pipes but also the CSST pipe fittings can be installed under track.

Gas sotto traccia corrugato formabile csst
Interception valves

Now available in U-shaped and straight shut off valve.

Valvola intercettazione flessibile gas csst EUROTIS
e-press system
The e-PRESS system synthesizes the best traditions of reliability, flexibility and safety of Eurotis CSST corrugated tubes with the ease of installation of the press system, providing an innovative solution that is extremely practical and safe.The e-PRESS press fittings are made of brass, inside is a black EPDM gasket for water and solar plants or a yellow HNBR gasket for gas plants, complying with the UNI EN 682 standard.

The mechanical seal consists on two pressing points:

  • the 1° point deforms the entrance of the fitting where there is a “tooth” which, after pressing, blocks the tube inserting itself in the last corrugation, preventing it from slipping off.
  • the 2° pressing point deforms the gasket, allowing it to penetrate inside the corrugations of the CSST tube and guaranteeing a secure and long-lasting seal.

The pressing technique was entirely designed by Eurotis; this project led to the creation of a new jaw with “E” profile through which a controlled deformation of the fitting and of the gasket inside it is obtained, guaranteeing its tightness.

Moreover, thanks to the special “saddle”, the correct positioning of the fitting is guaranteed and the pressing is extremely simple and immediate, reducing the possibility of errors during installation.

Kit Unipress 500 450 Eurotis

Kit Unipress

Connection kit over 2 meters?

The solution is served.

For the safe installation of gas systems, EUROTIS presents the innovative e-PRESS GAS system; in this system the pipe/fitting junction is made through the pressing process (press-fitting) of the brass fitting on the CSST tube, this action compresses an HNBR gasket that prevents the gas from escaping.

E-PRESS GAS is a system that complies with the requirements of the European standard EN 15266 “Corrugated stainless steel pipe systems for gas with operating pressure up to 0.5 bar” and certified by KIWA (KIP-096877/01).

To make it possible for installers to build systems in safety, EUROTIS Srl has created a range of KIT called “UNIPRESS” suitable for connections to fixed or built-in fixtures that exceed 2000 mm.

Contenuto del kit

The KIT is made with CSST tube AISI316L DN12 with yellow LDPE coating and patented fittings with rotating nut of the e-PRESS family.

The KIT is supplied ready to be installed without further processing; the e-PRESS fittings are already pressed on the CSST tube, ensuring maximum safety of the joint.

The pipe/fitting junction area is already covered with a heatshrink “protective tape” which guarantees full protection of the exposed pipe and the pipe/fitting junction.

In the package are also included the clamps for the CSST pipe. We recommend a distance between the clamps of 1.2 meters.


Csst stainless steel pipe certification for e-press system