Eurotis identity

Our core business, which led us to be recognized to be leader in Italy and in the world, is the production of PLT-CSST corrugated stainless steel tube AISI304 and 316L (with high resistance to pressure and deformation) for three different solutions: Plumbing, Gas and Solar.

Our range of products offers a wide variety and it stands out for quality, safety and quickness of installations. Our company offers systems, complete solutions for the realization of plumbing installations. Normally our systems are subjected to technical test carried out in special qualified labs with the collaboration of main national and international certification institutes. As a matter of fact, our focus is the development of innovative products in line with high level safety standards.

Today, considering our solid experience in the sector, our technical and human know-how in continuous evolution and high focus to improvement, we can easily be considered a point of reference for project, R&D and distribution of innovativee and safe products. Since 2016 we belong to Dall’Era Valerio industrial group, leader in the production of nuts, fittings and brass components, thus improving our efficiency and quality production objectives.

Solutions Creators is the Company payoff, not only a slogan but our identity. We share the value of looking at the future in a constructive way and in front of new challenges we are ready to use our resources in an integrated way to find efficient solutions for every need.

PLT-CSST – pliable corrugated tubes

The main products are represented by the hydraulic and gas connection system both on the pliable corrugated tubes made with austenitic stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L called PLT-CSST and on the brass fittings desinged and realized for facilitate the installation guaranteeing maximum tightness. The particular structure of the tube, resistant to pressure and deformation, allows to realize “cold” any shape, with angles up to 180 °, in total absence of special tools for the bending. The PLT-CSST Eurotis piping systems synthesize the best traditions of reliability and solidity of metal pipes with the ease of installation of corrugated pipes.

The typical fields of application of the PLT-CSST formable corrugated pipes are:

• Sanitary and heating;
• Solar thermal systems (resistance to high temperatures);
• Industrial fluids (see chemical compatibility tables);
• Gas transport (High temperature resistance).