Gas plants

From gas meter to users

Eurotis is the solution.

Eurotis systems for gas plants are based on:

  • Corrugated pliable CSST tubes in AISI 316L (designation: 1.4404 – X2CrNiMo17-12-2) stainless steel 0,3 mm thick with LDPE protective yellow coating conform to EN 15266 European standard suitable for gas transport.
  • Brass or nickel plated brass fittings CW614N o CW617N conform to UNI EN 12164 / UNI EN 12165 standard with thread of junctions conform to:
    • UNI EN 10226-1: external taper thread “R” and interior parallel “Rp” for coupling with tightness thread.
    • UNI EN ISO 228-1: parallel thread both external and interior “G” for coupling without tightness thread.
  • Tightness elements (gaskets) in elastomer NBR o HNBR conform to UNI EN 682 standard for gas transport.
  • Clamps.
  • Yellow protective self-vulcanizing siliconic tape


CSST Tubes
e-press gas system
Double o-ring gas system
Flanging gas system
Interception valves for gas plants
Gaskets and Accessorizes
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