Double O-ring system

Using the fittings with tightness through double O-ring, the installer shall use the protective cap supplied with the fittings to avoid the damage of the O-rings during their placement on the CSST tube:

  1. Tighten the nipple (F) on the terminal to be joined using a suitable sealant conform to the EN 751 standard to assure the tightness;
  2. insert the nut (B) into the tube (A);
  3. Insert the protective cup (C);
  4. Insert two O-ring (D) in the first and second corrugation of the CSST tube (A);
  5. Remove the protective cup (C);
  6. Inserti the brass ring (E) in the third corrugation of the CSST tube (A) and tighten it with pliers without deform the CSST tube (A);
  7. Insert the CSST tube (A) in the nipple (F);
  8. Screw the nut (B) on the nipple (F).
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