e-PRESS system

With press-fitting system, joints on CSST tubes are performed quickly, easily and securely. The result is a definitive tube/fitting joint since it is not possible to separate the elements and return to the original condition.

  1. Measure the lenght needed of the Eurotis CSST tube. Take into account the 5 corrugations that will go inside the fitting.
  2. Use a Eurotis pipe-cutter to cut the CSST tube in the center of the recess between two corrugations.
  3. Mark the 5 corrugations needed to completely insert the tube inside the fitting to be sure that the insertion is correct.
  4. Insert the 5 final corrugations on the tube completely inside the fitting.
  5. Install the Eurotis e-PROFILE jaw on the pressing tool according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The controlled deformation of the fitting and the tube generated by the compression of the jaw provides the necessary mechanical sturdiness to the joint and prevents rotation and detachment of the coupled parts. The hydraulic seal is ensured by the compression of the gasket between the fitting and the external surface of the tube.

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