Flanging system

Using the fittings with tightness through plane gasket the CSST tube has to be previously flanged using the manual or automated flanging tools supplied by Eurotis:

  1. Tighten the nipple (D) on the end to be connected;
  2. Insert the nut (B) on the CSST tube (A);
  3. Flange the CSST tube (A) (always compress two corrugations);
  4. Place the flat gasket (C) into the nut (B);
  5. Tighten the nut (B) to the nipple (D) using a torque wrench.

The nut can be connected directly to appliances only if these have a “plane end” such to cover all the surface of the plane gasket: otherwise, to avoid to ruin the gasket so compromising the tightness over time, a nipple with plane end supplied by Eurotis must be always used.

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