Eurotis produces three different lines of PLT-CSST tubes, studied for plumbing, solar and gas installations.

Eurotis systems are based on corrugated and pliable stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316L tubes and on brass fittings studied and realized to make easier the installation, obtaining the best tightness.

The particular structure of the tube, resistant to pressure and deformation, permits to realize every kind of shape without support of specific bending tools.


Eurotis PLT-CSST tubing systems summarize the best characteristics of reliability and solidity of metal tubes and the handiness in installation: no connections and / or welds are required. Their use saves up to 70% of installation time.

The pliability and the possibility to manually create 90 ° bends guarantees the minimum use of connections and fittings. The pipes are sold in rolls and coils, compared to other types of pipes, they are light and easily transportable.

Eurotis pipes can be used for:

  • New plants
  • Renovation of existing plants
  • Integration to existing plants

Seismically tested tubes

Eurotis PLT-CSST stainless steel pliable corrugated tubes are SEISMIC TESTED and are able to absorb oscillations or vibrations ensuring sealing. They represent a valid solution for designers and installers who, today more than ever, must design and build systems in accordance with seismic regulations.


EUROWATER tubes: corrugated stainless steel tubes in AISI 304 and AISI 316L for distribution of water. AISI 304 tubes can be coated with EPE insulation for heating installations. Suitable for the trasport of domestic water.

EUROSOLAR tubes: corrugated stainless steel tubes in AISI 304 with thermal insulation coating for solar installations.

EUROGAS tubes: corrugated stainless steel tubes in AISI 316L with LDPE coating conform to EN 15266 standard for gas installations.