Quality policy


EUROTIS Srl, following its corporate philosophy based on the ability to continuously adapt to market needs, has decided to comply with the requirements of the EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard to identify and meet the expected needs of its customers and relevant stakeholders, to obtain competitive advantages and achieve, preserve and improve performance and organizational skills.
The following Quality Policy therefore arises as a commitment of the General Management, also through the work of all the personnel, in obtaining and maintaining certification to the EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which includes:

• Continuous satisfaction of the needs of its customers and relevant stakeholders for the management system
• Continuous satisfaction of the product requirements as well as the mandatory nature of both products and their impact on the company management system
• Continuous attention to the needs of the collaborators in order to establish and maintain a business climate that can favor their behavioral and professional growth
• Continuous improvement of its performance, optimizing internal processes
Based on the general principles set out below, measurable objectives are defined in more detailed documents which are monitored during the annual management reviews, in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

EUROTIS Srl defines and annually reviews the quality to ascertain its continued suitability as:

1. COMPLIANCE WITH THE CUSTOMER’S NEEDS, which translates into:
• Ensure compliance with contractual, technical and qualitative requirements including mandatory ones;
• Increase the reliability of the product and service in terms of safety;
• Consolidate customer satisfaction;
• Maintain a constant presence through an excellent level of service and technical-commercial assistance;
• Develop and optimize processes and know-how.

2. TRAINING AND RESOURCES, which form the basis for achieving the Quality objectives and translate into:
• Strengthen the level of competence, professionalism, involvement and motivation of the employees;
• Encourage the company’s cultural growth;
• Train staff to remain competitive in the future;
• Provide adequate resources (facilities, means, plants, machinery and equipment) with effective investment management;
• Ensure a high level of maintenance, safety and reliability of the means available;
• Guarantee a favorable work environment;
• Keep the suppliers’ performance level high.

3. STRATEGY, which is focused on:
• Achieving continuous performance improvement;
• Promoting problem solving and preventive activities;
• Systematically measuring performance to increase results;
• Consolidating the leadership acquired through constant technical innovation and the development of high-tech systems;
• Increase the number of customers (designers, distributors and installers) and understand the needs of the market.

4. ETHICAL CODE, which establishes a series of rules, mainly of a social nature, which all workers must comply with:
• Employees and managers must act in full compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations that define the business conduct of EUROTIS, including, but not limited to, antitrust laws, employee health and safety laws, any type of collective bargaining agreement (i.e., at national, local and/or company level) where applicable, environmental laws, anti-corruption laws;
• Each employee and manager undertake to relate correctly and in good faith with customers, suppliers, competitors, and employees of EUROTIS;
• No employee or manager is authorized to take advantage of others through manipulation, concealment or abuse of inside information, misrepresentation of essential factors or any other unfair practice;
• The Company’s policy consists in selecting, hiring, and working with all employees and managers, without discrimination based on ethnicity, colour, origins, political beliefs, language, trade union participation or activity, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation real or presumed. Equal opportunities are key priority and one of the strongest principles of EUROTIS.

The General Management favours the application, improvement and development of the QMS and makes every effort to ensure that the principles of total quality are disclosed, understood and shared by all employees and collaborators.