Solar plants

Eurotis systems for solar plants are based on:

  • corrugated pliable CSST tubes in AISI 304 (designation: 1.4301 – X5CrNi18-10) thickness 0,3 mm preinsulated with:
    • EPDM closed cell structure insulation coating and covered with mechanical ware and UV protective film.
    • Special formulation of flexible expanded polyurethane that makes the tube suitable for continuous operative temperature up to 150°C. The thermal insulation is covered by an aluminium layer that is in turn covered by a film high protective from UV rays and mechanical wears.
  • Brass fittings for the junction between Eurotis components and for the connection between Eurotis systems and other systems. The junction’s threads of the components complying with:
    • EN 10226-1 (ISO 7-1): external taper thread “R” and interior parallel “Rp” for coupling with tightness thread;
    • EN ISO 228-1: parallel thread “G” both interior and external for coupling without tightness thread.
  • Tightness elements (gaskets) resistant to high temperatures and to conveyed fluids that characterize thermal solar plants.
  • Clamps.


Solar CSST tubes
e-Press system for solar plants
Double o-ring system for solar plants
Flanging system for solar plants
Fast coupling system for solar plants
Gaskets and accessorizes
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