Standards and Certifications

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The full security and satisfaction of our customers is our priority. For this reason we try to keep abreast of innovation while still guaranteeing a high level of quality.

To this purpose, through constant and timely improvement of our quality management system, we have implemented all company levels and certified our products to ensure their high professionalism.

Our systems are divided into three fields of application, Water, Solar and Gas, all equally certified. Specifically, the Italian Gas certifications refer to the national legislation currently in force: UNI 7129: 2015.


As required by law all our systems realized with PLT-CSST tubes (Eurogas, Eurowater and Eurosolar) are compliant  with EN 15266 standard and certificated by prestigious international institutes like KIWA and DVGW.


UNI 7129-1:2015

Our focus is to study and to spread the knowledge of the normatives to permit the installer to realize plants more secure and complying to the standards.

Our gas systems are made in compliance with UNI 7129:2015 standard that guarantee the safety of gas plants for domestic use. The issue of this standard brought many changes in gas planting sector, starting from the introduction of new material (for example press fittings, PLT-CSST systems, multilayer systems) and different 35Kw gas plant types.

Thanks to these normative news we studied an e-Press gas system using PLT-CSST tubes with “stellar” sheath, which lets the realization of under-ground installations starting from the gas meter guaranteeing quickness in laying and safety of the systems.

Eurotis - Certificate ISO 9001_EN

CSST for hydro-thermo-sanitary plants

EUROWATER_Certificato KIP-096777 V4_page-0001

CSST for hydro-thermo-sanitary plants

EUROWATER_RISCALDAMENTO_Certificato KIP-096778 V4_page-0001

CSST for heating plants

TWIN_SOLAR_SET-MONO_SUN_SET_Certificato KIP-096779 V5_page-0001

CSST for thermal solar plants

Csst stainless steel pipe certification for e-press system

e-PRESS system for gas


“EUROGAS” CSST system – UNI EN 15266


DVGW e-PRESS system for gas

Tubi corrugati in acciaio inossidabile per applicazione gas EUROGW

CSST for gas application EUROGW


CSST for water application EUROGW

Tubi flessibili metallici di sicurezza "EUROFLEX2" per il collegamento di apparecchi domestici che utilizzano combustibili gassosi - per impianti gas – EN 14800:2007

EUROFLEX2 for gas plants – EN 14800:2007


Declaration of performance COOKFLEX


Declaration of performace EUROTISFLEX 2


Certificate n. 0407 CE “EUROTISFLEX2”

Tubi flessibili metallici di sicurezza "COOKFLEX" per il collegamento di apparecchi domestici che utilizzano combustibili gassosi - per impianti gas – EN 14800:2007

COOKFLEX for gas plants – EN 14800:2007


SVGW E-press

SVGW Eurotis flanging and double o-ring system

SVGW flanging and double o-ring system


SVGW water flanging  system