Standards and Certifications


The safety and complete satisfaction of our customers is a top priority. In line with this commitment, we constantly strive to remain at the forefront of innovation while ensuring the consistent production of high quality, rigorously certified products.

As required by law, all our systems made with CSST pipes comply with EN 10028-7 (water) EN 15266 (gas) and are certified by the most prestigious international institutes such as: KIWA, DVGW, GAS.BE and SVGW.

All of these certifications require that the system, consisting of CSST pipes and fittings, be subjected initially to type testing and then subjected to periodic laboratory testing in order to verify its continued compliance with the established requirements. They also require that the system manufacturer implement a production control plan. This plan involves the creation of documented procedures, regular inspections and testing of raw materials, system components, control equipment, the manufacturing process and the finished product. The objective of these measures is to ensure that products introduced to the market meet the requirements prescribed by current regulations and that their traceability is always guaranteed.

Our systems are divided into three fields of application, Water, Solar and Gas, all of which are equally certified. Specifically, Gas certifications in Italy are based on the current national standard: UNI 7129:2015.

Gas Installation Standard – Italy

Eurotis gas installation systems comply with EN 15266 and meet the criteria required by UNI standards that regulate design, installation and commissioning. Specifically, Eurotis gas systems are defined as suitable by the following standards:

UNI 11528:2022 “Gas systems with a heat input greater than 35 kW – Design, installation and commissioning of non-domestic civil systems.”

UNI 7129:2015 “Gas systems for domestic and similar use supplied by distribution network – Design and installation” (five-part standard); Download our 7129 standard gas system installation manual here in PDF format.

UNI 8723:2017 “Gas systems for professional community hospitality and similar – Design, installation and testing”.

Eurotis also has as its main objective to study and disseminate knowledge of the regulations in force to enable the installer or designer, who is primarily responsible for plant compliance, to create installations that are perfectly compliant with the law and consequently safer.