A wide range of tools is available to installers, including:

  • manual, automatic and semiautomatic flanging tools,
  • pressing jaws and pipe cutter.
  • everything for CSST Eurotis tubes processing.
PLT-CSST tube flanging modalities

To flange the PLT-CSST tubes, Eurotis offers to the installers three tools: automatic, manual or semiautomatic (AdaptorPRESS).
To grant the tightness, flanging is a very important operation that has to be carried out strictly following the indicated procedures.
At the end of the flanging procedure, verify that the flange of the PLT-CSST tube is complete, entirely flat, circular and without burrs.
Beside some examples of defective flanges are shown: in these cases the flanging operation has to be absolutely repeated after the removing of the wrong one because otherwise the tightness is not granted.
Below an example of a good (correctly done) flange is shown: complete, entirely flat, circular, without burrs and with two compressed corrugations.


The e-PRESS system synthesizes the best traditions of reliability, flexibility and safety of Eurotis PLT-CSST corrugated tubes with the ease of installation of the press system, providing an innovative solution that is extremely practical and safe.
The e-PRESS press fittings are made of brass, inside is a black EPDM gasket for water and solar plants or a yellow HNBR gasket for gas plants, complying with the UNI EN 682 standard.
The mechanical seal consists on two pressing points:
• the 1° point deforms the entrance of the fitting where there is a “tooth” which, after pressing, blocks the tube inserting itself in the last corrugation, preventing it from slipping off.
• the 2° pressing point deforms the gasket, allowing it to penetrate inside the corrugations of the PLT-CSST tube and guaranteeing a secure and long-lasting seal.
The pressing technique was entirely designed by Eurotis; this project led to the creation of a new jaw with “E” profile through which a controlled deformation of the fitting and of the gasket inside it is obtained, guaranteeing its tightness.
Moreover, thanks to the special “saddle”, the correct positioning of the fitting is guaranteed and the pressing is extremely simple and immediate, reducing the possibility of errors during installation.
With the e-PRESS system gas systems can be built in full compliance with current regulations, increasing safety and reducing installation time.